About Me

My name is Charles Samet. Most people call me Charlie. Others call me things that may not be appropriate for this site.
I live in Canton, Michigan. As it turns out, I'm getting old. I'll be 40 on June 30th this year (2014)
I'm married. Her name is Heather. She's awesome, and I love her. (No, I didn't just put that here so I don't get in to trouble. Okay, maybe I did.)
I have three wonderful kids - Jasmine (18), Samantha (16), and Jonathan (1). No, that's not a typo. As I'm writing this, he is 15 months old.
I enjoy web design (this site didn't create itself). It's my favorite thing to keep me busy in my free time. Check out my other sites on the Projects page.
I love 24. Not the number, the TV show. You know, with Jack Bauer? If you haven't seen it... go watch it. Right now. No need to keep reading... come back after you've finished all eight seasons.
I have several websites I've created. You can view them on the Projects page.
I am a frequent contributer to Stackoverflow and Ask Different.
I do know this page is cluttered. As of right now, I don't have a better idea of how I want to lay it out.